*Coupon Lingo*

Here is a pretty easy on COUPON LINGO!! You see the posts on Facebook, the "lingo" on posts and match-ups, and you're scratching your head going, "what the heck does that mean?" I was the same way! So here it is, a quick and easy way to learn what all those abbreviations stand for :)

AY~ ALL YOU Magazine Coupon
B1G1(BOGO)~ Buy (1) and Get (1) For FREE
B2G1~ Buy (2) Get (1) For FREE
DND~ Do Not Double
ETS~ Excludes Travel/Trial Size
Exp~ Expiration Date of the Coupon
MIR~ Mail In Rebate
OOP~ Out Of Pocket
OYNO~ On Your Next Order
P&G~ Proctor & Gamble Insert
RP~ Red Plum Insert
SS~ SmartSource Insert
WYB~ When You Buy

$1.00/1~ This means you can save $1.00 when you buy one product
$1.00/2~ This means you can save $1.00 when you buy two products (essentially a $.50 savings per item)
Blinkie~ These are the small black machines you'll see in grocery isle's that print out small coupons, and it is usually near the item that the coupon is for. 
Catalina Coupons~ These are my favorites :) A Catalina Coupon is a coupon that prints at the register when you have fulfilled a requirement of a Manufacturer or a Store such as: Buy 2 Digiorno Pizzas, Get $2.00 Good OYNO. The reward will print at check-out as long as you have purchased 2 Digiornos, but the reward can only be used on your next order or transaction. Catalinas can be used on a future transaction to get a new reward as well (although sometimes they may not if specified, i.e.-Meijer)
Coupon Inserts~ These come in the Sunday Papers. They may include Red Plum, Smart Source, P&G, Target, Pepsi or other inserts. Sometimes we get None and some times we get 4. These are the best and most important way to get your hands on a lot of coupons!!
Digital Coupons~ These are basically that, coupons you can get online that load directly to your store loyalty card. Unlike printable or manufacturer coupons these coupons can not be printed and will never double. instead these coupons will come off directly at check-out when you use your store loyalty card. Be advised however that digital coupons may take up to 24 hours to show as being loaded onto your card. 
E-Coupon~ (See Digital Coupons)

Peelie~ These are coupons that you will find virtually throughout the store on products. They are almost always stuck right to the packaging and you must "peel" them off to be able to redeem them. 
Raincheck~ A raincheck is something you get when you go to the store for a sale item that is no longer in stock. Rainchecks can be obtained at the customer service desk where the clerk will write a form that basically allows you to come back to the store when the product is in stock and get that item for sale price. You can also use coupons with the rain check price at this time. 
Rebate~A rebate is something the manufacturer does when you purchase a certain dollar or product amount. P&G does a lot of rebates (ex.- you can get $15.00 back when you spend $50.00+ on Crest White Strips Products). Each rebate is (1) per household and usually must be mailed in with your purchase receipt. A lot of items become virtually FREE after a mail-in-rebate :)
Stacking Coupons~ This is an awesome trick that every couponer should learn how to do!! Some stores out there will let you "stack" multiple kinds of coupons where you can achieve an amazing to FREE product! Meijer will accept a Store or Competitor coupon WITH a Manufacturer coupon. See example below:

Angel Soft Bathroom Tissue 24pk $5.99
Use (1) $.45/1 Angel Soft Bathroom Tissue from the 1/19RP exp-2/14
Final Cost: $4.54 each

Tear Pad~ Tear pads are also found throughout stores isles. These are connected to the shelves or product displays and they are basically a small pad of coupons. All you have to do is tear a coupon off of the pad to use it. 
Stock Pile~ A stock pile is something we all hope to achieve as a couponer! The stock pile is the literal fruit of our labor, of all of this hard work clipping and planning. This is the shelving that you will put all of your items that (i hope) you got for FREE ;)


  1. Very informative for the coupon challenged such as myself! Happy SITs Day!

  2. This is awesome! I find couponing so overwhelming, and this is totally a great beginner's guide. Thanks!

    Happy SITS Day!