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Sunday, February 16, 2014

5 CrAzY Ways to Make/Earn/Save Money

If you're like me then you're probably like, "yeah, show me a way that I haven't already seen, heard or read about!" Right? My site is all about savings, and by saving I mean not paying full, retail values and actually earning money back, literally! Here I am going to tell you about 5 ways in which you can actually save money and/or EARN money back! By earning money I don't mean that you're going to have to go scrounge around vending machines and laundromats looking for loose change, (to each their own) but I do mean you ARE going to EARN it ;) 

#1. Frickin' Coupon Clippin'!-(SAVE & EARN MONEY)
Honestly folks, it just can't be said enough! You've seen the show "Extreme Couponing," where the ladies rack up a bill of oh, about $2k and then after coupons their total is -Negative some odd cents or dollars? Well that's TV and this is reality! Just kidding :) Although not very realistic in most of the population, it can be done! Even with all of the restrictions put into stores and on coupons these days you can still score tons of savings just by using coupons! 
Check out this coupon above. It states that it is good for $1.00 off (1) bag of Birds Eye Recipe Ready Vegetables at Walmart (although it could be used at stores where competitor's coupons are accepted). Walmart has these items at an everyday low price of just a Buck ($1.00) each and so they would be FREE!
See how easy that can be? :)
* And just so you know, Walmart actually states in their coupon policy that they will PAY YOU in cash/gift cards in the event that you have coupon overage (when the amount on the coupon exceeds the item's own price)!!!!

#2. DIY Projects-(SAVE MONEY)
This one is just a given! Everyone knows that you ultimately save money when you re-use or make your own items! DIY-Do It Yourself! For myself personally I think Pinterest has the BEST ideas around for DIY Projects. To save money for your family you can find tutorials that include making home goods such as: Laundry Detergent, Hair Conditioner, Soap; Food Items such as Bread and Ice Cream, or Canned Goods. You can cut up out-dated or old clothing for other purposes such as: Cut jeans into shorts, shirts into tanks or hair bands and ties.The possibilities are endless! To check out, sign-up for, or add Saving A Buck R 2 to an existing Pinterest account just click here: Join me on Pinterest!!
**NOTE** Pinterest is EXTREMELY Addicting :)
This is what i'll be working on I LOVE THIS!! :)
counter space saver.  perfect for our tiny bathroom!

#3 Vegetable Garden-(SAVE OR MAKE MONEY)
This is an awesome idea, and especially because Spring is just around the corner! Start your very own Vegetable/Spice/Herb Garden! My mom and I set one up nearly every year which proves to be extremely beneficial for months! 
         PROS                                                     CONS
*Fresh Veggies and Herbs at the                            *May cost a little bit of money to get started
tips of your fingers                                                  *Up-keep may include: weeding, fertilizers, pesticides,
*Chemical FREE/Healthy Food                              and fencing to keep Thumper and his family out
*Exercise! Not that you'd ever want to stop 
reading this AMAZING blog but. this is a fan-
tastic way to get outside!                                    
*It saves you time and many trips to the store.
Need a tomato for those Tacos? No problem!
Cucumber for Salad?     
*Great for the Environment
*Sell to a local Market if you have a HUGE garden that
becomes very bountiful

#4 Save Loose Change- (Save Money)
I'm sure you're thinking..."Yeah right," but honestly, and I can't stress this enough....IT ADDS UP! I actually have (2) of those huge Culligan Water Jugs in my closet that I love so much, and one of them is for pennies, nickels and dimes, while the other is only for quarters. I am on a mission to see how much money they each hold :) But seriously, the other day I pulled the change from my little compartment in my car and it had $4.50 in quarters, and about $3.00 in misc change. When we go through a drive-through and don't use a debit card the extra change goes in the compartment. Just throw your loose change in a jar or jug and forget about it ;) 
#5 Rewards Programs-(Earn Money)
Most couponers know about Rewards Programs, but maybe you don't, or maybe you're not even a couponer. No matter who or what you should definitely consider Rewards Programs! These programs are awesome and ultimately EARN you money! These programs-Recyclebank, Ibotta, Savingstar, Checkout 51, Kelloggs Family Rewards, etc., actually earn you money on specific items that you may have purchased at the store. Some of these programs give you points that can be redeemed for Paypal money, gift cards, or gifts. In a nutshell, these programs allow you money back offers on specific items if you purchase that item at a participating store. Once the item is purchased you simply upload the receipts and ba-zing! Money in different forms such as Gift Cards, Paypal deposits, etc. Each Program is different, completely FREE to Join and Use, and I will include a link below for further information! I use all of these programs and I'll be totally honest and tell you what i've earned from each program to date.
  1. Swagbucks-(So far I have earned $36)-Learn more about Swagbucks and join-It's FREE
  2. Ibotta-(So far $50)-Get money BACK with Ibotta-It's FREE to Join
  3. Savingstar ($25)-Earn Money Back with Savingstar, FREE to Join
  4. Kelloggs Family Rewards (3,000 Points)-Redeem points for high-value coupons or gifts! FREE to Join
  5. Inbox Dollars ($32)-Inbox Dollars-Make Money doing things you do everyday on the web-It's FREE
  6. Checkout 51 ($3-I just started using a week ago)-My new fav App-Checkout 51- Earn FREE Money-FREE to Join
  7. Recyclebank (960 Points)-These points have earned me FREE Money and FREE Magazine Subscriptions, Live a Greener Lifestyle and Get Rewarded For it, Its FREE

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