Monday, February 3, 2014

GE Reveal® Light Bulb Review! Make-Over Your Room!

 How would you like to makeover any room in your house with GE's Reveal Light Bulbs?!! I recently received a 4pk of these GE Reveal-Clean, Beautiful Light® bulbs to review! The reveal light bulbs are known for transforming any room by taking away the "yellow" and introducing a bright, clean and crisp look!

The best thing about these bulbs is that they are available at Target AND in a NEW LED version as well which I can't wait to try!!

To see how quick and easy a reveal® lighting makeover can be, watch this fun and stylish new video GE Lighting created featuring four hip West-Coast tastemakers who depend on the best lighting possible for their craft, as they complete a GE Reveal® makeover and share their authentic experience. Learn more about those experts and their lighting transformations. Watch the video here.
Buy GE reveal® at a Discount at Target!
Not only are GE Reveal® LED bulbs available almost exclusively at Target, but there you can find great prices and savings on all GE Reveal® solutions. Target’s Cartwheel App provides savings for in-store purchases of GE Reveal!! Right now you can save 25% on GE Reveal® Light Bulbs through this awesome Cartwheel App!! The offer is good through February 28th! There is also a printable coupon available at the website here: GE printable coupon

Simply download Target’s money-saving Cartwheel app, (available on Apple IOS here and Android here), select the GE reveal (and any other savings you need) and head to your local Target for great deals!
Let me take a second to tell you more about this Cartwheel App! As mentioned above, you can get this App on Apple IOS and Android phones just look in your App Store (for Apple) and Google Play Store (for Android). Download the App and sign up with an email. Very easy, and your done :) Browse through many offers and touch them to load them. Head to any Target store and purchase the items that you have in your Cartwheel App. When in checkout, simply show your phone (App opened of course) to the cashier who can then scan the bar code. Once the code is scanned any and all coupons will be applied where applicable. I had absolutely no trouble using this app at my local store!
The ultimate BEST thing about this Cartwheel App is that you can still use Manufacturer coupons AND Target Store coupons with it!! Crazy Right?! 
Here I have provided the links for you to download Cartwheel to your phone :)
So now let's check out the Makeover I did in my room with a few of these bulbs! Before as you will see the areas where much darker, and the bulbs I had emitted a "yellow darkness." With these new GE Reveal® light bulbs my spaces are visibly brighter with a clean, white illuminating light! I absolutely LOVE these bulbs! I have a Fiance that is incredibly picky when it comes to lighting because he is so very meticulous when he needs to shave his face! He constantly complained about the lighting in our bathroom until I put 2 of these GE Reveal® light bulbs in the vanity! Now he can see ALL of those little imperfections ;) Honestly. the first thing that came to my mind when I put the bulbs in was "hospital/doctor office lighting," because the light is so pure and bright. I dont think I could use a yellowing light bulb again :)
Check out these BEFORE and AFTER Shots :)
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Displaying 20140201_134240.jpgDisplaying 20140201_134503.jpg
Enter to win a $10 Target Giftcard + GE reveal® light bulbs!

 A quick and easy way to makeover your home is to switch your light bulbs to GE reveal® for clean beautiful light that will make the colors of any room pop. GE reveal® bulbs provide amazing clean full spectrum light that filters out the dull yellows of standard incandescent light bulbs. Watch this fun and stylish video featuring four hip tastemakers discussing the importance of good lighting and how quick and easy it is to do a reveal® lighting makeover. video embed code:
 GE reveal® light bulbs are now available at Target where all makeover needs can be purchased in one swoop and with great savings using Target's Cartwheel savings app.
 We have a great opportunity for you to win this makeover experience. You can enter to win a $10 Target giftcard + GE reveal® light bulbs + a free download of the Herbert Bail Orchestra EP (first track featured in GE Lighting video). 

Just share this post on your social media and let us know which room you would like to makeover with GE reveal® light bulbs! 

Share to Enter: Must be U.S. resident Share this blog post on your social media and comment below
 Tell us which room you'd like to makeover Hashtag #GEreveal + #Targetgiftcard 

Here's an example: If I win #GEreveal bulbs+ #Target giftcard, I'll makeover my _____ with reveal’s beautiful clean light! 
* GE and Target are only providing the product and not running the giveaway.

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  1. I would like to makeover our dining room

  2. I'd like to makeover our living room.

  3. I would like to makeover my bedroom.

  4. Definitely the living room first! We're in there most of the time!
    ~liz n

  5. I'd like to make over the basement.

  6. I would love to make over my basement.

  7. I would like to make over my basement

  8. our living room thanks for the giveaway

  9. I want to redo my living room - it's too dark!

  10. Congratulations to the Winner Melissa Miller! And a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated!! Stay tuned because i'll be running another Giveaway soon!!!!