Sunday, September 28, 2014

RED HOT!! Aeropostale Clearance + 40% Off=Deep Discounts!!! FREE Tumbler Cup in Stores

Okay, this sale says, 'Online Only," but I can't even BEGIN to express the awesome deals my daughter and I snagged IN STORE today!! So it's looking like you can get 40% for both in store and Online! Just use code: EXTRA40 for online shopping!
Now the fun part!! Let's take a look at our haul NO COUPONS NEEDED!!!!

Displaying 20140928_010556.jpg   Displaying 20140928_010633.jpg  Displaying 20140928_010729.jpg

Displaying 20140928_010711.jpgDisplaying 20140928_010320.jpg Displaying 20140928_010134.jpgDisplaying 20140928_010448.jpg
Okay so let's just lay out the savings here, it'll give you a better idea of the kinds of deals you can score ;)
Purple Cinch Capri (Orig $39.50) 
Add'tl 40% off=$4.79

Chenille Skull Pants (Orig. $39.50)
Add'tl 40% off=$5.99

Skull Cardigan (Orig.$64.50)
Add'tl 40% off=$9.59

Tumbler Cup (Orig. $19.50)
Final Cost: FREE when you spend $40+ in stores

Galaxy S4 Case (Not Pictured) (Orig.$10.50)
Add'tl 40% off=$2.99

Aero Hoodie (Orig.$49.50)
Add'tl 40% off=$4.79

Heritage A Crew Top (Orig. $39.50)
Add'tl 40% off=$5.99

Pretty Little Liars Drop Tank (Orig. $18.00)
Add'tl 40% off=$2.39

Lace Skull Crop Top (Orig. $34.50)
Add'tl 40% off=$4.79

Signature Skinny Jeans "Bayla" (Orig. $54.50)
Add'tl 40% off=$7.79

Super Low Jegging "Lola" (Orig. $54.50)
Add'tl 40% off=$7.79

Super Low Jegging "Lola-BLACK" (Orig. $46.50)
Add'tl 40% off=$3.59

Heritage Tote (2) (Orig. $39.50 each)
Clearance=$7.99 each
Add'tl 40% off=$4.79 each

Total for all 14 items=$549.50 OMG!!
Clearance total=$116.87 (even this is one heck of a deal!!
Add'tl 40% off total=$70.07!!!! PLUS a FREE Tumbler
That's like paying only 5 bucks per item! 
Why are you still sitting there?! Sale ends tonight!! Get there! :)

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