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Friday, November 22, 2013

FREE Redbox Rental at Kroger!

YAY!! I LOVE getting FREE Redbox rentals! Text code "NOVEMBER" to: 727272,  and get (1) rental for FREE! This code is not valid (kiosk only) online and can be redeemed through November!! Enjoy!
If you have'nt signed up for Redbox then follow these simple instructions: How It Works.
Things to remember:
  1. Redbox is located at most Krogers and many other Grocery and Drug Stores.
  2. Redbox can be set-up in person or online.
  3. If using the online feature you can reserve a movie/game to pick-up at any location where available.
  4. Redbox accepts Debit or Credit Cards to redeem rentals.
  5. Redbox charges $1.00 plus tax per night for a dvd rental and $2.00 plus tax per night for game rentals.
  6. All rentals are due by 9pm the following day or late charges are implemented.
  7. Sign-up with your email to receive special offers and other free rentals.

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