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Friday, August 16, 2013

No more folding your large/long coupons with these new inserts!! Only $6.20 for 25 sleeves, (Holds 150 coupons)

Check this out couponers! Seems like everywhere I have been the only place I could find inserts for my coupons was at the Dollar Store with the baseball cards! Those plastic inserts for your binder hold about 9 average sized coupons, and I don't know about you guys, but I have just about had it with the folding of the large, long coupons!! It's a pain right? Well over at Amazon I found these!! Yay! So here we have 25 Coupon Sleeves Pages for Binders 3 pockets CLEAR for only $6.20! That's only $.25 per sleeve, and 25 sleeves will hold a total of 150 (3 on front, 3 on back) coupons! Who doesn't want to fold their coupons twice or even three times anymore? Me, Me, Me! Get your binders organized in a jif!!

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