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Saturday, August 3, 2013

IBOTTA Camp Summer 2013 Offers and Bonuses!

Time to relive those summer camp days with these NEW Ibotta offers!! (If you don't know what Ibotta is, or what it's all about, then check out my link here: Join Ibotta!! It's FREE). For the month of August, Ibotta is going to be having a "Camp Ibotta Bonuses" promotion where you can redeem offers that will continue to unlock more and more offers as long as you keep redeeming them.
Camp Ibotta - Summer 2013 
Any offer you choose to redeem in August will help you to earn Camp Ibotta Bonuses AND unlock more offers! Some of the new offers include Angel Soft, Delimex, and Laura's Lean Beef!
Sign up today, it's FREE and start earning!!

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