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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Redbox Rental at Meijer B1G1FREE!!! Today ONLY!!!

RedBox is so generous with their promotione :) Right now at Meijer when you rent one movie, you get a second movie rental for FREE at checkout!! All you have to do is use this code: HZ9VNK9R at checkout!! Today is the ONLY day you can go and use this promotional offer!! If you've never used Redbox before then keep reading...
  1. Redbox is located at most Krogers, Meijers, and many other Grocery and Drug Stores.
  2. Redbox can be set-up in person or online.
  3. If using the online feature you can reserve a movie/game to pick-up at any location where available.
  4. Redbox accepts Debit or Credit Cards to redeem rentals.
  5. Redbox charges $1.00 plus tax per night for a dvd rental and $2.00 plus tax per night for game rentals.
  6. All rentals are due by 9pm the following day or late charges are implemented.
  7. Sign-up with your email to receive special offers and other free rentals.

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