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Friday, July 19, 2013

Join Ibotta, It's FREE!!!

Ibotta is a FREE, fun and exciting way to earn cash every time you shop!! If you have an Iphone or Android and you aren't using Ibotta, then you are really missing out! So what's all the fuss? Ibotta is an app (FREE) that allows you to earn real cash by watching videos, taking polls, posting to social sites (facebook, twitter, etc.) and doing other various activities. I can see you're already getting confused so let me break it down for you:

Redeeming Offers:

Once you've downloaded the app on your phone, set up your account and make sure you're logged in. You will then see the available offers loading which will look something like this:

Let's say you click on the Kraft homestyle Macaroni Offer. With this offer there is the potential to earn $.75 if you do the tasks that the offer asks you to do. Once you've clicked on the offer it will read like this :
These 3 options show you how you can earn the $.75 by doing those tasks. Once you have completed each of the offers that you want to earn money on you head to the store. Ibotta has a huge list of stores that work with this program including Kroger, Walmart, Giant Eagle, Meijer, Dollar General, and many, many others.
Next, you buy these products at the store. If you're not sure if a product is the same as the product you have completed tasks for, you can always use the scanner on the app to check the code on the product.
Make sure you save your receipts. When you are ready to redeem your earnings open the app, touch the redeem button, upload your receipt and send! This may all sound like a ton of steps but the more you play with the app the more used to it you'll become and it will be as easy as pie!!

How to get your money:

There is a tab in the app where you can withdraw your money, or donate your money! If you withdraw you can put your money into a Paypal account.

Ibotta has a lot of new features where you can earn money completing offers at specific stores, and there are also bonuses for completing special tasks!!

Right now there is a special promotion going on when you sign up!!!

Get a $10.00 bonus right now when you sign up and redeem offers!!!!

The best part about Ibotta is you can still use paper/digital coupons at the store, and then come home and upload your receipt to redeem the offers on Ibotta for cash! It's like double-dipping!! And it's FREE!
If you have ANY questions about this program do not hesitate to email me @ savingabuckr2@gmail.com

Sign up here: IBOTTA

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