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Friday, May 10, 2013

Let's get started!!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Amy (if you didn't already know), and I have created a small blog here that's basically all about saving money! I wanted to be able to share what I do with all of my friends and family, and then some ;) When I was pregnant with my second child I wanted to try couponing in order to start building a small stock pile, if anything a baby pile at the least. I went to the store one time with coupons, saved a bunch, but then got lazy, i.e. the pregnancy lol. Anyway, after my son was born my sister Jennifer showed me her very impressive stock pile in her basement and once again my interest was tweaked. A shopping trip or two later the rest is history. In the past I have tried to explain this whole couponing thing to my friends or family but they usually seem confused as there is a lot to take in, and practice makes perfect. Here you can all see the deals laid out for easier understanding. I hope this will help a lot of you in your future couponing escapades <3

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